HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

How Secure is Your Data?

We employ HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to secure this site, which is the global standard for a secure HTTP.

A standard website URL would look like http:// followed by the web address A site showing just the HTTP:// would not be secure and your private communication between the web server and the browser could be accessed by a third party. 

The https:// we use to secure the site includes SSL/TSL layers to secure communications while you are using this site.

More information can be found at

You can check yourself to see if we have an active SSL/TLS layer by clicking on the lock near the web address on your current browser. It would normally look like this before you click it and after clicking will give you plenty of information.

You can even click on the connection part and cookies to display any information gathered by the browser for this site.

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